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The Waves

“The sun rose. Bars of yellow and green fell on the shore, gilding the
ribs of the eaten-out boat and making the sea-holly and its mailed
leaves gleam blue as steel. Light almost pierced the thin swift waves
as they raced fan-shaped over the beach.”

- Woolf

As beautiful as Woolf's description of the ocean may be, the rotten boat lying alone on the shore cannot be ignored. For many coastal communities in this province the imagery is eerily similar. And like the novel, where many voices tell the story, many people here are researching coastal stress on the west coast of Newfoundland.

The Community-University Research for Recovery Alliance is hoping to figure out a way for both the fish stocks, and the fishing communities of the west coast to recover from a myriad of issues. Out-migration, dwindling ocean resources, and environmental damage are just some of the issues. Dr. Barbara Neis, of the Sociology department, is leading the alliance to study. Faculty from both the Sir Wilfred Grenfell campus in Corner Brook and the St. John's campus are working with community organizations to study the relationship between community and globalization.