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Sense and Sensibility

“He only requested me, in general terms, to assist them, and make
their situation more comfortable than it was in his power to do.”

- Austen

There's nothing more sensible than trying to find an intelligent way to help people in need. Jane Austen would agree. It's that common sense notion that fuels engineers at Memorial to work towards creating a form of gasoline that has no harmful inhalants.

Opal gasoline was first developed in Australia to combat substance abuse. Andy Fisher and Drs. Kelly Hawboldt and Faisal Khan, of Memorial's Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, are preparing to release their work on a similar product that can function in the cold climate of Labrador, where gas sniffing remains a problem. This modified gasoline has only five per cent aromatics compared to 25 per cent in regular gas — which means there's no way to get intoxicated from the fumes. Sounds like a sensible approach to a senseless situation.