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Point Counter Point

“In the human fugue there are eighteen hundred million parts.
The resultant noise means something perhaps to the statistician,
nothing to the artist. It is only by considering one or two parts
at a time that the artist can understand anything.”

- Huxley

Every issue has a multitude of sides, some obvious, others deeper beneath the surface. This year several important issues pertaining to the governance and autonomy of the university have required a careful understanding of the many points and counter points at work.

Government has announced that Sir Wilfred Grenfell College will gain increased autonomy. Meanwhile, the search for a new president for Memorial and government's role in that search sparked a serious discussion about the autonomy of the university. Our autonomy is vital if we are to fulfill our commitment to the society we serve. Memorial will continue to work with government to resolve our differences with respect to this most important issue. That will allow us to continue the pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and community service.