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Of Meisen's MUN

“I will be in a fortunate position to be looking at some partnership
opportunities between what I am doing in Alberta and this
province, and nothing will give me greater pleasure than to see
some of these partnerships develop into something real.”

- Meisen

For eight years Dr. Axel Meisen stood at the helm of Memorial and ushered us in to the 21st century. From September 1999 until his resignation in December 2007 the Meisen years saw record-breaking growth.

Enrolment went up, with graduate students exceeding 2,000. Research funding soared to more than $90 million. New buildings rose, including the Inco Innovation Centre in St. John's, and student residences on the Grenfell campus, while the Harlow Campus in England reopened with new upgrades. He worked to launch a new Strategic Plan, create a respectful workplace policy, and continued Memorial's standard of excellence. Although Dr. Meisen moved to Alberta during this past year, his legacy stands strong.