President's Report 2007

Interest in math researcher’s work quickly multiplies

Dr. Sherry Mantyka

Local and national media attention added up to a lot of interest in a Memorial math researcher’s new book, launched in February, 2007.

Dr. Sherry Mantyka, director of the Mathematics Learning Centre, wrote The Math Plague: How to Survive School Mathematics, for parents, teachers and students of all ages concerned about math skills. It’s based on Dr. Mantyka’s research into why bright learners have trouble with math. The Memorial professor has been helping students struggling in mathematics for over 17 years, trying to find ways to improve their understanding and retention. In January, she turned her attention to an unlikely student – CBC Radio-One producer Heather Barrett, who took Dr. Mantyka up on the offer of an “extreme mathover.” Ms. Barrett documented her journey to overcome her own mathematical shortcomings on radio, and did a segment on issues surrounding math education on the national CBC show The Current.