President's Report 2007

New course gives the graphic novel due respect as literary form

Drs. Andrew Loman and Nancy Pedri

Graphic novels, sometimes dismissed as comic books, are shaking their pulp reputations and getting serious scholarly treatment in a new course offered through Memorialís English department.

Memorial professors Drs. Andrew Loman and Nancy Pedri are team teaching the Introduction to the Graphic Novels. Itís a course that introduces the novel as a literary form, and helps broaden studentís familiarity with the genre.

Graphic novels are increasingly popular with young people, but only recently have gained recognition within the world of academia.

ďItís a form thatís been monstrously overlooked, but that has tremendous literary potential,Ē said Dr. Loman, who read graphic novels incessantly as a teenager and has also published in the form. ďIt is really politically engaged, yet people have not been able to forget its pulp origins.Ē

Drs Loman and Pedri work together in the classroom, introducing topics and then opening a dialogue with the students.