President's Report 2007

Website documents the history of Moravian presence in Labrador

Memorial University collaborated with its partners at the University of Toronto and Laval Universite to launch a new website in 2006 that documents the Labrador Inuit through the eyes of Moravian missionaries in the early 1900s. The website, titled The Labrador Inuit Through Moravian Eyes -- includes digital reproductions of about 6,000 pages of text and 1,000 photographs related to the missions in coastal Labrador.

The site also includes rare manuscript maps of northern Labrador and drawings, plans and paintings of the missionary settlements. It also provides access to approximately one hour of audio and video recordings of Moravian choral and brass band music.

Moravian missionaries had their origin in ancient Bohemia and Moravia in what is the present-day Czech Republic, arriving in North America early in the eighteenth century. For the benefit of students, learning plans and other interactive materials have been created to help promote experiential learning and let Canadians explore their cultural heritage. The website is available at