President's Report 2007

Innovative researchers get $3.7 million in AIF funds

Associate Professor Brian Veitch

Two Memorial University researchers received a total of $3.7 million from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (AOCA) early in 2006. Funding from ACOA’s Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) went to development of market ready prototypes for small craft simulation, and to development of commercial software for the oil and gas industry that focuses on optimal well design and flow assurance. Under the leadership of associate professor Brian Veitch, researchers in small craft simulation – backbone technology development at Memorial’s faculty of engineering and applied science will develop market-ready prototypes for small craft simulation. The intent is to replicate scenario-based, mission-oriented conditions that will help improve skills, enhance human performance, and reduce the probability of human error and accidents.

In the second initiative, Memorial will lead research and development of a three-year oil and gas related project with industry partners. The end products will be implemented in commercial software for oil and gas industry applications in field developments with emphasis on optimal well design and flow assurance. The products will be applicable to developments in Atlantic Canada and in particular to offshore Newfoundland and Labrador. Project leader is Dr. Thormod Johansen, Canada Research Chair in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering and Characterization, faculty of engineering and applied science.