President's Report 2007

Senate - Sept. 1, 2006 - Aug. 31, 2007


Dr. Axel Meisen, president and chairman

Hon. Dr. John C. Crosbie, chancellor

Dr. Eddy Campbell, vice-president (academic)

Dr. Christopher Loomis, vice-president (research)

Dr. John Ashton, principal Sir Wilfred Grenfell College

Dr. Shelly Birnie-Lefcovitch, director of Social Work

Glenn Blackwood, executive director Marine Institute

Dr. Mary Bluechardt, director Human Kinetics and Recreation

Dr. Alice Collins, dean Faculty of Education

Glenn Collins, university registrar and secretary of the Senate

Richard Ellis, university librarian

Dr. Tom Gordon, director School of Music

Dr. Gary Gorman, dean Faculty of Business Administration

Dr. Ray Gosine, dean Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Elaine Healey, director (acting) Division of Lifelong Learning

Dr. Linda Hensman, director School of Pharmacy

Dr. Chet Jablonski, dean School of Graduate Studies

Dr. Sandra LeFort, director School of Nursing

Dr. Robert Lucas, director Faculty of Science

Rebecca Roome, deputy minister Department of Education

Dr. James Rourke, dean Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Lilly Walker, dean, Student Affairs and Services

Dr. Reeta Tremblay, dean Faculty of Arts


Dr. Dale Foster, Business Administration

Dr. David Tulett, Business Administration

Dr. Glenn Clark, Education

Dr. Walter Okshevsky, Education

Dr. Glyn George, Engineering and Applied Science

Dr. John Quaicoe, Engineering and Applied Science

Professor Vivienne Kuester, Human Kinetics and Recreation

Dr. Peter Trnka, Humanities

Professor Donna Walsh, Arts

Dr. Vit Bubenik, Arts

Dr. William Schipper, Arts

Lisa Goddard, Library

Bernadine Conran, Library

Kenneth Baker, Marine Institute

Cyr Couturier, Marine Institute

Carl Clarke, Marine Institute

Edward Durnford, Marine Institute

Robert Trenholm, Marine Institute

Dr. Khalid Aziz, Medicine

Dr. Frank King, Medicine

Dr. Catherine Popadiuk, Medicine

Dr. Atamjit Gill, Medicine

Dr. June Harris, Medicine

Dr. Donald McKay, Medicine

Dr. Kati Szego, Music

Dr. Donna Moralejo, Nursing

Dr. Mohsen Daneshtalab, Pharmacy

Dr. Luise Hermanutz, Science

Dr. Serpil Kocabiyik, Science

Dr. Michael Morrow, Science

Dr. Robert Adamec, Science

Dr. Edward Brown, Science

Dr. Robert Helleur, Science

Dr. David Pike, Science

Dr. John Whitehead, Science

Dr. James Wright, Science

Dr. Dennis Kimberley, Social Work

Professor Gary Riser, Arts

Dr. Christopher Sharpe, Arts

Dr. J. Scott Kenney, Arts

Dr. Olaf Janzen, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College

Dr. Paul Wilson, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College

Dr. Edward Andrews, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College


Ms. Kelly Greenfield

Khaled Chowdhury

Nicole Kieley


James Farrell

Stella Magalios

Stephanie Power

Nick Eisner

Dan Flavius Monafu

Bradley Russell

Daniel Smith