President's Report 2007

The President's Award for Exemplary Service

This award honours the exceptional contribution of members of the administrative and support staff of Memorial University and its agencies. The award is given in recognition of continuous exemplary service to the university by those who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their role within the university community. The award acknowledges nominees who perform actions of significant merit that benefit the university community and are over and above the nominee's normal employment responsibilities.

Rose Barrett, Distance Education and Learning Technologies

Rose Barrett

After 10 years in the private sector, Rose Barrett came to work at Memorial in August 1975 as secretary in the department that was then known as Summer Session and Extramural Studies, now known as Distance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT). Her main responsibility as administrative program assistant within DELT is examinations co-ordinator where she is responsible for many aspects of the midterm exams and tests. This includes working with professors to determine time, location and other details about test and exams, and to arrange the rooms in which these tests take place. She also arranges exams for students who require special accommodations such as additional time and the use of a computer. She also must maintain daily contact with instructors, students, and various on-campus departments either in person, telephone and e-mail and supervise work of other staff members in my section and provide support and assistance to them. Ms. Barrett's peers constantly recognize her commitment to this organization and her commitment to organization in general. As a veteran of Memorial for over 30 years, Ms. Barrett has mastered the art and logistics of overseeing examinations, as well as countless other responsibilities that she always executes with a smile. Her colleagues are not just proud of her, but they are truly honoured to have worked with her over the years.

Carol Tibbo, Faculty of Business Administration

Carol Tibbo

After graduating in 1994 with a bachelor of commerce (co-operative), Carol Tibbo accepted a position with the Department of Human Resources. This would be the beginning of her journey which led to her current role with the Faculty of Business Administration. She said her favourite time was the period she spent from 1996-2000 with the newly-created Office of Student Recruitment, promoting the university to prospective students around the world. During this time she enrolled in the Memorial MBA program as a part-time student. During the program she represented MUN as a member of the 2001 and 2002 Concordia Case Competition teams as well as at the Dalhousie International Business Case Competition. Following completion of her MBA in 2002, Ms. Tibbo had the opportunity to give back to the Faculty of Business Administration and she took on the new role of manager of Academic Programs. She has been administering undergraduate and graduate programs and advising business and non-business students for the past four years. Ms. Tibbo also regularly teaches human resource management as a per-course instructor in the Faculty of Business Administration. She also spent the first part of 2006 on temporary assignment to the Office of the President.

Gary E. H. Green, Marine Institute

Gary Green

Gary Green joined the Counselling Centre in the 1969-70 academic year as a student assistant teaching reading and learning courses. Upon graduation he spent several years with the centre on contract before joining the staff in a permanent position in 1974 working in the areas of academic support and stress management. During his tenure at the Counselling Centre his connections to the Children's Rehabilitation Centre and the School for the Deaf evolved into his providing services for MUN students with disabilities. In 1986 Mr. Green left the centre to take the position of Guidance/Student Affairs Officer with the Marine Institute. In that position he is responsible for a wide range of student services from counselling to scholarships. He has published in books as well as professional and popular periodicals, and has presented papers at conferences for several national and regional professional organizations. Mr. Green is involved in several community organizations including almost 50 years with Scouts Canada and is currently serving on the board of directors for the Crow's Nest Officers' Club. He has received national and provincial awards for his volunteer and professional activities.

Roxanne Rideout Scott, Student Affairs and Services

Roxanne Rideout Scott

Since accepting a two-week contract as clerk stenographer in the Office of Student Affairs and Services in 1985, Roxanne Rideout Scott has been employed at Memorial for 21 years. Her initial position became permanent in 1985 and reclassified in 1987 to secretary. In 1992 she was the successful applicant for a senior secretary position within the same office. In late 2001, her position was reclassified to administrative staff specialist II. She is also a Notary Public. In her role, Ms. Rideout Scott has been involved with enhancing the student experience. And while her position title has changed, the one constant variable that has never changed is the commitment to her work; her passion for helping students; and her loyalty to Student Affairs and Services. During her tenure, with the Office of Student Affairs, Ms. Rideout Scott has worked with two deans, one acting dean, 11 directors, and more than 100 staff. She is married and lives in Upper Gullies. By her own testament, her greatest accomplishment and most rewarding role is mother to her son Matthew.

Shona Perry-Maidment

Shona Perry-Maidment

Shona Perry-Maidment graduated from Memorial University with a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of education in 1989 and a master's in education in 1992. As an undergrad and grad student, she had many on-campus work experiences including as a research assistant for Dennis Mulcahy, Education, a media assistant, resident assistant of Coughlan College and with Memorial's catering group, Nova Food Services. A teacher from 1989-1991, Ms. Perry-Maidment started working with Memorial in 1992 as the manager of Residence Life (Housing, Food and Conference Services). From there, she joined the Faculty of Education in 1995 as co-ordinator for Undergraduate Programs in Education. Ms. Perry-Maidment became a student recruitment officer with the Office of Student Recruitment in 1996 and served in that post until 2002 when she took over as acting director of the department. She is currently associate director with Student Recruitment, a position she has held since 2003. Ms. Perry-Maidment sits on the Canadian Higher Education Committee (CHEC) for the Council of International Schools. CHEC is an executive body made up of eight university representatives out of 39 universities in Canada and is one of two Atlantic Canadian representatives on this national committee.