President's Report 2007

Becoming a sustainable campus

Memorial made plenty of progress this past year in becoming a more sustainable campus. In January, the Department of Facilities Management hired the university's first-ever sustainability co-ordinator to promote, develop and implement effective sustainability practices such as reducing green house gas emissions, paper consumption and energy use. Toby Rowe was named to that position. She's currently on maternity leave; Shelley Pardy is acting con-ordinator. The office spent the year working collaboratively with Memorial's students, faculty and staff to harness ideas, creativity and resources to increase participation in the university's environmental activities. Some of those sustainability projects included Ride Share, which encourages carpooling, the expansion of an energy saving retrofit program, and university-wide paper and waste reduction plans. The office worked closely with the award-winning group MUN Project Green to implement many of these programs. Other initiatives the Sustainability Office worked on included a Lug a Mug campaign which encourages the university community to stop using disposable cups and use their favourite mug when heading for coffee, an idle free campaign encouraging motorists to turn off their vehicles when waiting for friends or family outside university buildings, and the continued promotion of Memorial's beverage container recycling program. Half of the proceeds raised by this initiative go to Memorial's Campus Food Bank. Charlie Janes, who works with Facilities Management, collects some recycleables on the St. John's campus.