President's Report 2007

Grenfell College governance discussion continues

Sir Wilfred Grenfell Collage

Discussions about the future governance of Sir Wilfred Grenfell Colleage and whether the province should have one university or two dominated campus hallways and provincial airways this past year.

Though the issue has come up from time to time in the past, this latest round of discussion and debate is the mostly the result of a provincial government commissioned report that suggests creation of two universities within a single provincial system.

Profs. J. L. Davies and J. Kelly recommended in their report released in April 2007 that each university have its own president, budget and governing Senate but with a shared Board of Regents. The provincial government has expressed preference for that option.

Memorial’s Board of Regents reiterated its support for one university in the province, saying the preferred option put forward by the consultants was “unworkable.” They also reaffirmed support for increased autonomy for Grenfell College and urged the provincial government to carry out further analysis examining the impact on students, the costs, the required legislated changes and shared services.

Memorial president Dr. Axel Meisen stated that administration’s view that the well-being of students is of primary concern, noting issues such as the transfer of credits and movement between the proposed two institutions must be closely examined.

The university president says he wants to make sure any change is beneficial to students. To keep people informed, Memorial has created a website about the governance issue. The site contains university news releases and official reports on governance going back to 1989 and can be accessed at