President's Report 2006 |

Honouring some of the brightest

Photo: Back row (L-R): Lois Hynes, Jennifer Linehan, Kyle Rees, Yasir Khan, James Thorburn, Ben Gerrior, Dan Brake, Graeme Turner, Bernice Curtis, Katie Barnes, Barrett Porter, Kevin Mitchell, Kristine Hamlyn (Colour, representing the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation), Dr. Lilly Walker Front row: (L-R) Kate Boland, Jillian Croke, Megan Jackman, Zoiey Cobb, Catherine Strong, Jenny Mason, Ashley Vardy.

Memorial and the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation recently held a special reception to recognize the university's Excellence Award laureates and World Petroleum Council millennium scholarship recipients.

The event was held in the Senior Common Room of R. Gushue Hall on the St. John's campus.

The students received the awards for this academic year. Some of them actually received awards for the first time while others renewed their award this year.

The Foundation honours students who have achieved academic excellence, leadership, community involvement and interest in innovation.

“As individuals, I think many of us have the desire to give back to our communities, because in many instances, our community has played a major role in shaping us as people into who we are today,” said Yasir Khan, a fourth-year behavioral neuroscience student. “For me, I definitely feel like I have an obligation to my community, for the way it has influenced me in my lifetime. From the experiences I have had in meeting hundreds of other laureates across the country, I know that they feel the same way about this.”

Since 2000, the Foundation has awarded 100 Entrance Millennium Excellence Awards, 5,721 Millennium Bursaries, 47 In-Course Millennium Excellence Awards, and 10 World Petroleum Council Scholarships to Memorial students studying at the St. John's campus, a total value of $14 million.  

(Originally posted on on Jan 23, 2006)