President's Report 2006 |

MI's Food Technology Society off to Boston Seafood Show

Fisheries and Aquaculture minister Tom Rideout has announced $2,000 in funding has been approved to assist students of the Food Technology Society at the Marine Institute (MI) to attend the 2006 International Boston Seafood Show.

“The department is extremely pleased to provide these students with this funding to offset some of their travel expenses for this event,” the minister said. “Government considers this event a prime opportunity for these individuals to experience an array of global seafood products and initiatives, which will broaden their knowledge of the seafood industry.”

The International Boston Seafood Show is one of North America's largest seafood events. It is a global showcase for Newfoundland and Labrador seafood. Promotional activities include a trade show booth, the annual Newfoundland and Labrador seafood industry reception and private meetings with seafood customers. This event increases the awareness of the quality and versatility of provincial seafood products.

"Our graduates in MI's food technology diploma program have had excellent career success. They are well prepared to enter every sector of the food industry, and the seafood sector is one of the most important industries in our province,” said David Bonnell, head of the Marine Institute's School of Fisheries. “Our students value the government's support as attending the Boston Seafood show will provide them with a strong perspective of the seafood industry; expose them to the latest developments in the industry and allow them to network with local, national, and international decision-makers in the seafood industry.”

“The seafood industry is a major contributor to the viability of our provincial economy,” added Minister Rideout. “Government places this trade show in high regard and makes the most of the event for the benefit of our province's seafood industry,” said Minister Rideout. “Increasing the provincial representation at this event is important and my department certainly supports the efforts of the students at the Marine Institute in participating in this trade show. These individuals are, after all, the future of this province's seafood industry.”

(Originally posted on on Jan 13, 2006)