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Luminus hits the streets

The latest issue of Luminus magazine hit the streets last month in a special tribute to the Year of the Veteran. The magazine features the roll call of Memorial alumni who died in the Second World War.

Gary Peddle, president of the Alumni Association, observed the occasion pointing out that some of those fallen alumni died in far-flung places and others dies closer to home, but all died long before their time.

“We have published their names with gratitude and with deep respect for them and their fallen comrades, and for all the veterans of those appalling conflicts,” said Mr. Peddle.

Also featured in this issue of Luminus are the four recipients of the 2005 Alumni Tribute Award. Plus there's a profile of the recently opened Inco Innovation Centre where generations of Memorial students will find the inspiration for scientific, entrepreneurial and social invention.

In this issue you will also find the annual report on philanthropy from President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Axel Meisen; you can discover an alumni event that is on the must-attend list of Ottawa's VIPs; start a list of 20 new titles of fiction, history, poetry and religious writing by alumni; and consider the advice from a business guru on marketing in the electronic age.

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(Originally posted on on Jan 4, 2006)