President's Report 2006 | Honour Roll

President's Award for Outstanding Research

The President's Award for Outstanding Research recognizes researchers who have made outstanding contributions to their scholarly disciplines. Each award includes a $5,000 research grant.

Dr. Stephanie Curnoe
Physics and Physical Oceanography, Faculty of Science

Dr. Stephanie Curnoe

A graduate of the University of Toronto as well as the University of British Columbia, Dr. Stephanie Curnoe's research has resulted in a series of important contributions to the understanding of the structural and electronic properties of advanced materials. After being awarded her PhD in 1997, Dr. Curnoe held prestigious postdoctoral fellowships in Israeland Japan. She also served as a research associate at the University of Toronto. In 2001, she joined Memorial University as an assistant professor. That same year, she was awarded the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council's University Faculty Award. Dr. Curnoe's papers have been published in some of the leading physics journals. In addition, she has presented her work at numerous national and international conferences.