President's Report 2006 | Campus Life

Tell me why I love MUNdays

From a truck pull to a kitchen party to random acts of music, the 2005 Celebrate Memorial event had a wide range of activities and Dr. Lilly Walker, dean of Student Affairs and Services and co-chair of the organizing committee, couldn't have been happier.

In 2005 Celebrate Memorial took on the theme I love MUNdays on the St. John's campus and I Fell for Grenfell in Corner Brook.

"These events acknowledge and salute all the great things happening at this university," Dr. Walker said. "It's a celebration of our students, staff and faculty and includes interesting events we do for the community." She was particularly proud of the diverse lineup of events which ranged from an open mic night and book fair to the university's alumni tribute awards and fall convocation.

"We have very relaxed and informal fun events but we also have structured activities, as well," she said. "At many universities the community comes together for events such as homecoming; this is Memorial University coming together and celebrating our uniqueness. "On the St. John's campus our theme is I love MUNdays and that's interesting because we're showing off all the things we love about this place – our creativity, our students, our faculty."

Celebrate Memorial had a special twist as Sir Wilfred Grenfell College celebrated its 30th birthday. Since 1975, Grenfell College has evolved from a junior regional college to a degree-granting institution which now offers four degrees in 14 different disciplines.

Dr. Walker credited the organizing committee for coming up with a variety of activities that appealed to the university's diverse community.

"We get a chance to celebrate all the things about this great university such as our contributions to the community and to draw attention to our top-notch students and teachers and staff," she said.