President's Report 2006 | Campus Life

Memorial launches new brand identity

Memorial's new logo, unveiled at a launch May 23.

Early in 2006, Memorial University presented its new brand to faculty, staff, regents, students, and alumni, as the first step in a new institutional marketing program. The brand concept focuses on the idea of transformation - that Memorial is the place that people and ideas become.

A special brand launch event was held in May to outline the need for the marketing program where it was noted that despite many challenges facing the university - from declining provincial high school populations, to aging infrastructure and strong competition from other universities - Memorial has been able to succeed and is recognized nationally and internationally. However, there is an increasing need to promote Memorial University ever more strongly locally, nationally and internationally.

The development of Memorial's new brand took more than a year of planning. It included focus groups, consultations with people on all campuses, brainstorming with the university's senior officials, and discussions with alumni, donors, members of public and private sector organizations, friends and other stakeholders inside and outside the province. The Division of Marketing and Communications led the planning effort after many consultations with employees, students and alumni as well as the greater community, which has been vital to the project. The brand identity includes a new, more modern institutional logo and a design concept that uses silhouettes and selected fonts and colours to illustrate the meaning of the brand and unify university promotional publications and activities. The traditional logo adopted in 1994 (comprising the university’s coat of arms and full name) will continue to be used for official, ceremonial purposes (such as on degree parchments and Convocation programs) where its intricate elements can be reproduced accurately.

Communicating the new brand will happen in many ways, through formal communications vehicles and through informal ways in virtually everything the university does – from how it supports students, to the design of a campus building, to the programs offered to alumni.

Memorial's new institutional logo (top) and the university’s coat of arms and traditional logo (bottom). The traditional logo will continue to be used for official and ceremonial purposes at Memorial.

Meanwhile, at its July meeting, Memorial’s Board of Regents fully endorsed the university’s new marketing strategy.

The board was given a full briefing on the university’s new institutional marketing strategy. The briefing, which was conducted by staff from the Division of Marketing and Communications, provided an overview of the development of the marketing strategy, including the delineation of a “brand” for the university and a new institutional logo.

After careful consideration of all factors, the board expressed confidence in the professional approach that has been taken and has endorsed the marketing initiative and passed a resolution.

The board endorsed the marketing strategy of the university, which includes a new logo for the university. The traditional logo, which incorporates the coat of arms, will continue to be used on students’ degree parchments and in other formal contexts such as on honorary degrees, convocation furniture and at ceremonies such as the Ceremony of Remembrance held each November.