President's Report 2006 | Campus Life

New degree brings global economy to Memorial

Co-op student Mackenzie Young helps Mike Burns prepare for his trip abroad to promote the new international bachelor of business administration degree.

Memorial's Faculty of Business is offering a new international bachelor of business administration (iBBA) degree. The undergraduate program began this year and program coordinator, Michael Burns expects the degree will attract students who are curious about the world and self-identified adventurers.

As Memorial's Fellow in International Business, Prof. Burns brings a wealth of international experience and expertise to the Faculty of Business Administration and the university community. "There is an unfilled demand for graduates with training in international business. Both private and public organizations are increasingly sending employees to work in different countries and in sharply different environments. In the past many of those sent overseas lacked the essential training and preparation, with often disastrous results for their organization."

Memorial is only the third school in Canada to offer this type of international business program. In addition to obtaining the traditional business skills, students in the iBBA will learn about many different types of international business activities, develop cross-cultural skills, and gain global perspectives. A typical program of study would include foreign language courses and study in areas such as international relations, economics or any other area offering cross-cultural perspectives. An essential component of the degree is a study term abroad, spent at one of Memorial's partner universities in the student's chosen region of interest. A range of study locations will be available across Europe, throughout the Asia-Pacific and in Latin-America. The aim is to produce business professionals with a global perspective and who are capable of performing successfully across national borders and within quite different regulatory and cultural environments.

The iBBA program will also help meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in this province and elsewhere that are looking for employees with the international business skills and experiences necessary to compete in an increasingly global environment.