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The university is back in strategic planning mode. The president kicked off the latest strategic planning exercise with an assembly June 14 in the new Inco Innovation Centre. Another assembly went ahead June 22 at Grenfell College . Close to 300 people crammed the lecture theatre in St. John's as Dr. Axel Meisen explained the process that should see a new university strategic framework developed by year's end. The university developed strategic frameworks in 1994 and again in 2000. Dr. Meisen said a new strategic framework is necessary because of changed expectations, changed circumstances, the fact that many of the goals of the 2000 framework have been achieved, and so the university as a whole can have a “new unity of purpose.” A new plan will confirm the university mission statement, set a direction for the next five to 10 years, identify new goals, actions, priorities and performance indicators, and create a basis for budgetary allocations.