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Officials at Memorial University welcomed the findings and recommendations contained in the provincial government's white paper on post-secondary education. The white paper was released at a news conference July 7 by Education Minister Tom Hedderson and white paper commissioner Dr. Wayne Ludlow. The white paper process, started in 2004, examined a wide range of issues regarding Memorial University and the College of the North Atlantic.

Glenn Blackwood was appointed executive director of the Fisheries and Marine Institute (MI). The appointment was confirmed by the university's Board of Regents at its July 21 meeting and announced by Dr. Axel Meisen, president of Memorial University. Mr. Blackwood took up his new position on Sept. 1, 2005.

Dr. Peter Pope, a professor of anthropology at Memorial University, believed he found evidence of the link between the migratory fishery and permanent residents in Clears Cove on the southern shore. During an archaeological survey of Fermeuse Bay in 2002, Dr. Pope and his crew found evidence of several sites ranging from 16th century houses to 19th century livyers. Following an early map of a surgeon named James Young from 1663, Dr. Pope and his crew went looking for evidence of a planter's house in Clears Cove. Although they did not find the actual structure they did find early window glass which indicated its existence. So they returned this year to continue the dig and were pleasantly surprised by what they found.