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SEPTEMBER 1, 2004 - AUGUST 31, 2005


Dr. Axel Meisen: President and Chairman
The Hon. Dr. John C. Crosbie: Chancellor
Dr. Eddy Campbell: Vice-President (Academic)
Dr. Christopher Loomis: Vice-President (Research)
Dr. John Ashton: Principal, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College
Dr. David Graham: Dean of Arts
Dr. Gary Gorman: Dean of Business Administration
Dr. James Rourke: Dean of Medicine
Dr. Alice Collins: Dean of Education
Mr. Glenn Collins: University Registrar and Secretary of the Senate
Mr. Bruce Hollett: Deputy Minister of Education
Dr. Linda Hensman: Director of Pharmacy
Dr. Shelly Birnie-Lefcovitch: Director of Social Work
Mr. Richard Ellis: University Librarian
Dr. Colin Higgs: Director of Human Kinetics and Recreation
Dr. Tom Gordon: Director of Music
Dr. Chet Jablonski: Dean of Graduate Studies
Dr. Robert Lucas: Dean of Science
Dr. Sandra LeFort: Director of Nursing
Mr. Les O'Reilly: Executive Director, Marine Institute
Dr. Ray Gosine: Dean of Engineering and Applied Science
Ms. Doreen Whalen: Director, Division of Lifelong Learning
Dr. Lilly Walker: Dean of Student Affairs and Services


Dr. James Wyse: Business Administration
Dr. David Tulett: Business Administration
Dr. Glenn Clark: Education
Dr. Walter Okshevsky: Education
Dr. Dennis Peters: Engineering & Applied Science
Dr. John Quaicoe: Engineering & Applied Science
Professor Vivienne Kuester: Human Kinetics & Recreation
Professor Peter Ayres: Humanities
Dr. Stella Algoo-Baksh: Humanities
Dr. William Schipper: Humanities
Dr. Peter Trnka: Humanities
Professor Donna Walsh: Humanities
Mr. Christopher Dennis: Library
Ms. Laura Scott: Library
Mr. Kenneth Baker: Marine Institute
Mr. Cyr Couturier: Marine Institute
Captain John Ennis: Marine Institute
Mr. Edward Durnford: Marine Institute
Dr. Khalid Aziz: Medicine
Dr. June Harris: Medicine
Dr. Donald McKay: Medicine
Dr. Sharon Peters: Medicine
Dr. Suryakant Shah: Medicine
Dr. Vernon Richardson: Medicine
Dr. Catherine Popadiuk: Medicine
Dr. Kati Szego: Music
Dr. Donna Moralejo: Nursing
Dr. Mohsen Daneshtalab: Pharmacy
Dr. Robert Adamec: Science
Dr. Martin Mulligan: Science
Dr. Faye Murrin: Science
Dr. Donald Rideout: Science
Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi: Science
Dr. James Wright: Science
Dr. Luise Hermanutz: Science
Dr. Serpil Kocabiyik: Science
Dr. Michael Morrow: Science
Dr. Dennis Kimberley: Social Work
Dr. Christopher Sharpe: Social Sciences
Dr. Mark Tate: Social Sciences
Dr. Steven Wolinetz: Social Sciences
Professor Lois Bateman: Sir Wilfred Grenfell College
Dr. Paul Wilson: Sir Wilfred Grenfell College
Dr. Olaf Janzen: Sir Wilfred Grenfell College


Ms. Susan Dieleman
Mr. Stefan Jensen
Mr. Shannon Sullivan


Ms. Zoiey Cobb
Mr. Roger Drinkall
Mr. James Farrell
Mr. Cletus Flaherty
Ms. Katherine Giroux-Bougard
Mr. Adam Hollett
Mr. Mike Lovell
Ms. Emilie Martin
Mr. Michael Parcon