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Year in Review | December

Dr. H.E.A. “Eddy” Campbell was named in December as Memorial’s new vice-president (academic) and pro vice chancellor. He replaces Dr. Evan Simpson.

Kent Decker was named the university’s new vice-president (administration and finance) in December. He replaces Wayne Thistle.

The Board of Regents has announced that Dr. James Rourke will be the new dean of medicine at Memorial effective April 5, 2004, replacing Dr. Ian Bowmer. Dr. Rourke is currently the assistant dean of Rural Regional Medicine at the University of Western Ontario (UWO).

The Board of Regents has named Dr. Sandra LeFort as the new director of Memorial’s School of nursing, effective Jan. 1, 2004. Dr. LeFort is an associate professor of Nursing, a former associate director of nursing for graduate studies and research, and an adjunct faculty member of the PhD program in nursing at Dalhousie.

The Canadian Navy sent 79 recruits from across the country to study at the Marine Institute in January. They joined the 115 navy cadets already on campus, not including the officers or instructional personnel with the Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School detachment.

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