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President's Awards for Exemplary Service

The President's Award for Exemplary Service honours the exceptional contribution of members of the administrative and support staff of Memorial University and its agencies. The award is given in recognition of continuous exemplary service to the university by those who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their role within the university community. The award acknowledges nominees who perform actions of significant merit that benefit the university community and are over and above the nominee’s normal employment responsibilities.

The following citations were read out at the award ceremony:

Janet Benger, director, ESL Program, English Language and Literature

{Janet Benger}
Janet Benger

Janet Benger has been employed by Memorial since 1991 and assumed the duties and responsibilities for English as a Second Language in 1994. Since that time, she has developed a reputation as an extraordinarily hard-working and dedicated professional who is deeply committed to her job. Ms. Benger's achievements at Memorial include: the development of the English Language Summer School from a small program restricted to Quebec students to one that is fully international;

The development of a precursor to Memorial's present graduate program in teaching; the creation of the 12-week Intensive English Program; co-creation of our Teaching English as a Second Language Diploma program, of which she is also the co-ordinator; and the creation and co-ordination of several programs tailored to suit the language needs of numerous graduate students.

Carol Boland, personnel technician, Human Resources

{Carol Boland}
Carol Boland

Carol began her career with Memorial in 1967 and joined the Department of Human Resources in 1985. In her current position, she is the face and voice of the university for many prospective and new employees. Carol answers employment inquiries from internal and external clients, handling each one with the care and consideration that has become her trademark. As one of the first contacts for new employees, Carol sets the stage for forming positive perceptions of Memorial as an employer.

Carol has regular contact with deans, directors, administrative assistants, supervisors, managers, and secretarial, clerical and technical staff. No matter where you travel in this university, everyone knows her name and recognizes her gentle and kind voice. Many people have either experienced first-hand or heard a story about how Carol helped someone in their employment.

Allyson Hajek, design specialist, IDO, Continuing Education

{Allyson Hajek}
Allyson Hajek

Allyson Hajek has been employed with Memorial University since 1983 and currently holds the position of design specialist in the Instructional Development Office. Her work is complex and challenging. In any one day, she interacts with senior administration, department heads, as well as a variety of faculty, graduate students and staff. Her focus in such interactions is always on quality, teamwork and effectiveness. Allyson exemplifies teamwork and models the ideal team player. She contributes greatly to committees and project work by her understanding and sense of collegiality. Her thoroughness, energy and attention to detail are assets to projects from beginning to end. As one committee member noted, "It is unusual to find a team player with such extraordinary ability."

In short, Allyson's exceptional qualities as instructional designer, project manager and workshop facilitator are deeply appreciated by the university community.

Rose Hatfield, recreation co-ordinator, Marine Institute

{Rose Hatfield}
Rose Hatfield

Rose began working with the Marine Institute in 1988 and has always demonstrated a commitment to the health and wellness of students and her fellow employees. During her first year of appointment, Rose's focus on students was very evident in her implementation of a pilot project that resulted in the highest rate of retention of first-term students ever.

Rose has demonstrated true leadership in organizing the MI Health and Wellness Survivor Challenge for employees, developing a program involving points, fitness and teamwork that was fun, challenging and rewarding. The challenge not only increased employees' levels of fitness, but also had a fantastic impact on morale.

Rose is very good at motivating students and employees toward a healthier lifestyle and always offers a word of encouragement, just when she senses you may need it. Rose is known for truly superior customer service, dedication and perseverance.

James Nolan White, systems administrator, Computer Science

{James Nolan White}
James Nolan White

James Nolan White has been an employee of Memorial University since 1981. Nolan is a systems administrator in the Department of Computer Science. He has served in this capacity for 20 years, during which time the duties and responsibilities of the position have grown dramatically - from the management of a single computer system to the management of a network of several hundred systems, with many different and incompatible hardware and operating systems. He is to be commended for his welcoming manner and the "mini orientation" he gives new students and staff. He is involved with the Faculty of Science Open House, helping organize the event, as well as directly interacting with visitors and students.

One nominator describes Nolan as very knowledgeable in his field and effective in his work, with a nice personality and a willingness to provide consistent support to everyone who needs it. Outside of work hours, Nolan volunteers his time with the St. John's Orienteering Association, the Windsurfing Club, and, from time-to-time, has helped organize Scouts Canada jamboree events.

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