Entrance scholarships now available to international students

A new International Entrance Scholarship Program was approved in January 2004. International students entering Memorial University for the first time in September 2004 the first international undergraduates eligible to receive an entrance scholarship at Memorial.

The scholarship program stems from a decision made in May 2003 by Memorial’s Board of Regents. Upon approving an increase in international undergraduate student tuition fees, it was further decided that a percentage of this tuition differential would be set aside to fund International Entrance Scholarships. The value of each scholarship varies, but does not exceed $3000, the highest value for a scholarship currently awarded to non-Newfoundland and Labrador Canadian entering students.

Considering that grading practices are not equivalent or consistent between different countries, the scholarships are not awarded purely on the basis of marks. Successful candidates are determined based on criteria including, but not limited to, academic standing (comparable to that of students in Newfoundland and Labrador), principal and teacher’s letters of recommendation and extra curricular activities relating to their school and their community. A student’s program of study is not a factor which are considered in determining eligibility.

International students who meet all criteria must also have adequate funds to pay the full international undergraduate tuition fee. They must further register at Memorial for at least four courses in each of two semesters in their first academic year and cannot exceed 31 credit hours in transfer credits. The scholarships apply only to those students entering Memorial for the first time and are, therefore, non-renewable. Those interested in attending either of Memorial’s St. John’s or Corner Brook campuses are considered.

“These new scholarships are part of our commitment to international students,” said Dr. Michael Collins, acting vice-president (academic). “The program clearly indicates Memorial’s wish to attract well qualified international students.”

The scholarships are awarded by the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships and Financial Aid following a recommendation from Ms. Sheila Devine, director, Office of Student Recruitment.