The Writing Centre offers free presentations for your class. You will find a selection of topics below. In addition, we are open to collaborating with you on any other ideas to provide seamless experiences encouraging student success both in and out of the classroom.


Welcome to Your Writing Centre presentation is an introduction to the services and resources offered to all students on and off campus. The presentation details our peer tutor services. In addition, an overview of our resources is presented.

Welcome to Writing @Memorial presentation introduces the foundations of academic writing partnered with the importance of time management. The presentation touches on critical thinking, analysis, facts and opinions, scholarly sources, and writing styles.

Students entering post-secondary institutions often are overwhelmed with their new academic expectations. The Understanding Plagiarism presentation itemizes what constitutes plagiarism and strategies to avoid plagiarism.

Critical Reading and Critical Thinking are foundations of academic writing. This presentation encourages students to step outside their comfort zone and engage with the author(s) and the content, leading to individual arguments, thoughts, and opinions. Students will learn techniques to use when reading.

Exploring the Academic Paper presentation takes students on a path to paper completion. It encourages students to respect the stages of a respectable academic paper starting with time management. Students will discover the value of strategizing before research so that the consolidation of claims shadows the assignment. Crafting, outlining, drafting, and revising a paper are all stages of writing that require planning.

Academic writing requires cohesion and coherence. Using Your Words Wisely will encourage students to select words and other devices to present a clear paper. This presentation introduces multiple strategies to support a well-written academic paper.

Before you submit your paper, did you check the higher order concerns and then the lower order concerns? The Steps to Check Your Writing presentation walks students through a checklist that addresses all the parts of a paper that require review before submission.