IPC Budget Planning

The Integrated Planning Committee's (IPC) role is to advise the president on operating budget matters, annually consulting widely with the Memorial University community to develop and finalize its recommendations.

The discussion points and information gathered from the consultation sessions contribute to the development of a budget report which is annually drafted by IPC and submitted to the president for consideration.

Annual IPC Timeline

Date Activity
September-October Planning for consultation sessions; assessment of preliminary budget information 
November Consultations with the university community
November Development and dissemination of What We Heard document to the university community
December Development of draft budget report
February Completion and submission of the final budget report 

Budget Reports    

Budget Consultations

Consultations for 2019-20 budget planning

As part of IPC's budget planning process, the committee gathers input from faculty, staff, and students to annually inform the university‚Äôs budget plan. The purpose of the consultations is to seek input on the principles that should guide Memorial as it seeks to develop a balanced budget,  the challenges that we face, and the opportunities that exist for the university in its fiscal environment. The information gathered through the consultation process is summarized in a document intended to provide an overview of the conversations at the sessions and the input received through the online feedback form.

The consultative approach to budget planning results in robust conversations that assist the university in addressing its current fiscal situation and in facilitating longer-term planning.