Committee membership

Members of the Integrated Planning Committee are chosen for their institutional knowledge and expertise. In addition to the list of members below, other resource staff from across the university contribute the process as required.

The following individuals serve as members of the Integrated Planning Committee:

  • Dr. Noreen Golfman, Provost and Vice-President (Academic) - Chair
  • Sarah Khalil, GSU representative
  • Dr. Neil Bose, Vice-President (Research)
  • Dr. Danny Dyer, Professor, Mathematics
  • Jillian Kavanagh, Manager of the Office of the Vice-President (Marine Institute)
  • Liam O'Neill, MUNSU representative
  • Keith Matthews, Associate Director, Academic Resource Management and Planning, Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
  • Lori Pike, Director of Budgeting
  • Dr. Todd Hennessey, Associate Professor, Theatre, Grenfell Campus
  • Dr. AimeĆ© Surprenant, Dean, School of Graduate Studies
  • Dr. Ian Sutherland, Dean, School of Music
  • Dr. Greg Naterer, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science