Planning and Budget Committee

Planning and Budget Committee membership and Terms of Reference

University Planning and Budget Committee Members (until August 31)

Vacant                                                                                       2021*
Bazan, Carlos (Engineering)                                                2021 
Haghiri, Morteza (Grenfell Campus)                                 2020 (Senator)
Branigan, Phil (Linguistics)                                                 2020
Woods, Mike (Medicine)                                                      2020 (Senator)
Brett, Paul (MI)                                                                      2020 (Senator) 
Kendall, Ed (Radiology)                                                       2020
Fiech, Adrian (Computer Science)                                     2019
Fisher, Andrew (Engineering)                                            2019 (Senator)
Vice-President (Academic), Chair 
Associate Vice-President (Academic)
Porter, Jennifer (Office of the Registrar)
Vacant (Undergraduate Student (MUNSU))                   2019 (April 30)
Vacant (Undergraduate Student (MISU))                        2019 (April 30)
Vacant (Undergraduate Student (GCSU))                        2019 (April 30)
Miah, Mohammad Islam (Graduate Student (GSU))     2019 (April 30)
Director of Financial and Administrative Services
Director of Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning

*New Member

1. Membership

(a) Provost and Vice-President (Academic), Chair ex-officio
(b) Associate Vice-President (Academic) ex-officio
(c) Nine members of the academic staff:

(i) To be appointed by Senate on the recommendation of the Committee on Committees, giving due weight to considerations of diversity and individual qualities of nominees.
(ii) To be appointed to staggered 3-year terms.
(iii) Three to be Senators.

(d) One support staff member (nominated by the President)
(e) Three undergraduate students, one nominated by the Memorial University of Newfoundland Students’ Union, one by the Marine Institute Students’ Union, and one by the Grenfell Campus Student Union.
(f) One graduate student (nominated by the Executive of GSU)
(g) The following two officials shall serve on the committee in a resource and non-voting capacity:

(i) Director of Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning
(ii) Director of Financial and Administrative Services

(h) The Vice-Chair of the Committee to be a senator elected by the committee members.

2. Quorum

(a) For the transaction of business, the full Committee shall require the presence of at least 33â…“% + 1 of the membership, excluding those serving in a resource capacity.

3. Terms of Reference

The activities of the committee will include the following four areas:

1. Planning. The committee will:

a. advise the Senate on development of all university frameworks, plans and related documents, making recommendations for their approval by the Senate and the Board.
b. monitor the progress of established plans, frameworks and related documents. The committee will seek regular updates from the custodians of these documents and provide an annual update to Senate on progress towards goals.
c. review and advise Senate regarding initiatives established to enhance institutional effectiveness and promote more efficient use of resources.

2. Budget. The committee will:

a. advise senior administrators on matters related to budget issues, including the university’s budget submission to government on behalf of Senate as required
b. advise Senate and senior administration about the priorities and allocation strategies for the funding provided to the university from government and other sources
c. advise Senate regarding major new initiatives that have significant implications for resources, including personnel, space and capital expenditures. The Committee shall assess these initiatives in light of the university frameworks and plans, institutional priorities, and the university budget.

3. Research Centres and Institutes. The committee will:

a. oversee the policy and procedures associated with the establishment of research centres and Institutes at Memorial
b. review proposals to establish research centres and institutes, and make recommendations for approval to senate.

4. Special Meetings of Senate. The committee will recommend to Senate topics of strategic interest for special meetings to be held in the fall and spring of each year.

4. Reporting

In addition to monthly reports, the PBC will submit an annual report of its activities to Senate.

Academic Program Review (A.P.R.) departmental reports