Bachelor of Education (Primary/Elementary) as a Second Degree Conjoint with a Certificate in STEM Ed

The Faculty of Education is no longer accepting applications to this program. For further information please contact the Faculty of Education's Office of Academic Programs.

The new bachelor of education (primary/elementary) as a second degree conjoint with a certificate in STEM education is a 85 credit hour program designed to prepare teachers of kindergarten through grade six. It is intended for candidates who have completed an appropriate bachelor’s degree. This full-time, professional program, which extends over four phases (two years) includes on-going extensive school and community field experiences.

This program is available only at the St. John’s campus.

Admission requirements

To apply for admission into the Faculty of Education, indicate your desired degree option in the appropriate place on the  undergraduate application for admission

To be considered for admission to the bachelor of education (primary/elementary) as a second degree program, conjoint with a certificate in STEM Education, you must have been awarded an approved bachelor’s degree or been approved (prior to the program start) for the award of a bachelor's degree from a university recognized by Memorial University and achieved a cumulative average of at least 65% or an average of at least 65% on the last attempted 30 credit hours (10 courses).

You must have completed a minimum of:

  • six credit hours in English (English as a Second Language courses cannot be used to satisfy this requirement)
  • six credit hours in mathematics or three credit hours in calculus
  • six credit hours in psychology
  • nine credit hours from three separate science areas, six credit hours must have a laboratory component. Chemistry 1900 may be used to satisfy three credit hours of the laboratory requirement.
    The science areas are: biochemistry, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, environmental science, ocean sciences, physics; or a focus area in science
  • six credit hours in any combination to be chosen from: anthropology, archeology, economics, folklore, geography, history, linguistics, political science, religious studies or sociology
  • six credit hours French (recommended) or six credit hours in a single language other than English or demonstration of equivalent competency in a second language
  • the equivalent of a completed focus area as outlined in the Calendar or a major or minor within the initial bachelor’s degree program in a subject area classified as a focus area

French is typically not available as a focus area in this program. For further information please contact the Faculty of Education's Office of Academic Programs.

Additional documents required for admission

Your application to the bachelor of education (primary/elementary) as a second degree conjoint with a certificate in STEM education will require you to submit the following:

  • personal statement (included as part of the online application)
  • academic and non-academic references
  • official transcript(s)

Selected candidates will be required to attend an admission interview.

The Faculty of Education provides full details on supporting documents required for admission.

Sample courses

ED 4100 - Learners and Learning - Teachers and Teaching
ED 410T - School Field Experience I
ED 4200 - Curriculum Content and Curriculum Contexts I

Note: all courses are graded as Pass/Fail.

Career opportunities

In the context of an increasing global focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, graduates will be highly competitive in their pursuit of educational positions in provincial, national and international settings. The knowledge and skills developed during this program will enable graduates to explore career paths in other educational (non-school), business and industry settings.

Program Information

Faculty of Education


St. John's

Honours Option:


Co-op Available:



2 years (4 phases)


Fall semester

Application Deadline:

January 15,
late applications may be considered.

Supplementary Application:


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