Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to take a Kickstart courses?

Kickstart courses are open to all new, incoming students with provisional/final admission to Memorial for fall 2022 semester. Current students can register for a Kickstart course starting on Thursday, June 9.

What is the cost for a Kickstart course?

A student registering for the six week summer semester will pay the current tuition fee for a Kickstart course. Kickstart students will pay the new tuition fee when they register for fall 2022 semester. The fee per course for the six week summer semester can be found on the fee charts. The new tuition fees for fall 2022 per course are outlined on our website. 

Please note: The deposit to accept the offer of admission to Memorial will be applied to fall semester tuition and NOT a course taken as part of Kickstart.

Can I still apply to Memorial?

Yes. You can still apply for the fall semester to take advantage of these special summer course offerings. Connect with our Admissions Office for further details or check the admissions deadlines on our website.

Can a direct from high school student who has not yet applied to Memorial take part in this initiative?

Yes, but they will need to apply for fall 2022 and email with a request to attend Kickstart.

Do I have to take a course during Kickstart?

No, this is not mandatory. It's an option for students attending in the fall (September) semester to take a course in the six week summer session.

Can I do a Kickstart course if I have applied to both the Marine Institute and the St. John's campus?

If you intend to join the Marine Institute in the fall semester, the Kickstart course credit may not be able to be transferred into your Marine Institute program. Please contact to confirm.

I need help with course selection. Can you help me?

Our Academic Advising Centre is available to assist you with course selection. Contact the Academic Advising Centre by email:

Can I register for more than one course?

Given content is compressed into six weeks, it’s recommended that you register for only one Kickstart course.

I can't register for the course I want. What should I do?

Contact our registration help line or 709 864 4445.

If the course is full, can students put themselves on the waitlist?

There are no waitlists for Kickstart courses. Students will need to monitor Self-Service for course openings. 

If I register for a course in the summer session, do I need to complete Academic Integrity before I can register for the fall semester?

No. We encourage students to complete the Academic Integrity course prior to starting courses however, you are not required to have it completed until the start of registration for winter semester courses, which is usually in late October. As an undergraduate student new to Memorial you must successfully complete Integrity 1000 before you will be permitted to register for the winter semester.

Will this impact my program that I intend to start in September?

If you have questions, our Academic Advisors are available to assist you with course selection related to your chosen program.

St. John's Campus
- contact the Academic Advising Centre at
Grenfell Campus - contact an Academic Advisor at

When are fees due for Kickstart?

Students have two business days to pay their Kickstart fees. Check out the fee charts for more information.

Does my deposit count towards Kickstart courses?

The deposit is for fall 2022 admission and will not be applied for the Kickstart program courses. Taking a course as part of Kickstart does not impact the deposit, however, students are still expected to pay their deposit as it relates to the fall 2022 semester.

Can I get student aid?

As you are only registering for one course, you are considered a part-time student and would not qualify for student aid. Further questions related to this should be directed to your provincial student aid office.

I've been awarded an early scholarship to Memorial. Will doing a course affect this?

Registering for a course will not affect your eligibility for scholarships in fall 2022. However, you will still be required to do 30-credit hours over the fall 2022 and winter 2023 semesters. If you fail to pass a course in either the spring, fall or winter semesters you will not qualify for scholarships in 2023-24.

Will academic accommodations be available to me during this semester?

Memorial fosters an inclusive and holistic learning environment that maximizes the potential of each student through innovative learning experiences and initiatives that empower all students to thrive.

Incoming students who will require specific academic accommodations are encouraged to reach out to the appropriate accessibility services team at either the St. John’s campus or Grenfell Campus as soon as possible.

Students are encouraged to email the Blundon Centre at (St. John’s Campus) or (Grenfell Campus). Accessibility staff at both campuses are working remotely and will be able to work with you to ensure you get timely and appropriate assistance and guidance.

Am I required to be available at a set time for any of these course offerings?

You are expected to be available at the time listed on the course.

How do I know what textbooks are required and how do I purchase them?

You will receive information about any required textbooks when classes start. If textbooks are required, digital versions will be available for purchase through the Bookstore.

How do I access course content?

You can access your courses through Brightspace using your MUN login. Once logged into Brightspace, don’t forget to check out "Connect - Kickstart your Orientation" to help you be successful with your first online/remote learning course.