Course Descriptions

BUSI 1000 - Introduction to Business in Society

Introduction to Business in Society introduces the basics of business and business corporations in society, in a real-world relevant manner. Particular attention is given to the societal stakeholders and to corporations’ internal business processes and management functions. Major emphases include corporate social responsibilities and management ethics and these are recurring themes in other topics, such as technology, globalization and people in organizations. The course is a combination of textbook theory and guided learning activities and assignments based on finding and integrating real world information.


ENGL 1000 - Critical Reading and Writing in Prose Forms

Critical Reading and Writing in Prose Forms is an introduction to the essay, short fiction, and the novel. Emphasis is placed on critical reading and thinking strategies; composition of essays, including use of quotations and documentation, revision and editing; and literary analysis.
Note: All sections of this course follow the CRW guidelines.


ENGL 1090 - Critical Reading and Writing: Telling Stories

Critical Reading and Writing: Telling Stories focuses on the language we encounter in our reading and use to record our reading experiences. Emphasis is placed on critical reading and writing: analyzing texts, framing and using questions, constructing essays, organizing paragraphs, conducting research, quoting and documenting, revising and editing.
Note: All sections of this course follow the CRW guidelines.


MATH 1000 - Calculus I

Calculus I is an introduction to differential calculus, including algebraic, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, inverse trigonometric and hyperbolic functions. Applications include kinematics, related rates problems, curve sketching and optimization.
Note: This course is appropriate for students who completed Math 3208 or 3200 (or equivalent) in high school with a grade of 75% or higher.


PHYS 2150 - The Foundation of Astronomy 

The Foundation of Astronomy represents a general introduction to astronomy. The course emphasizes the scientific method, basic physics, night sky and objects in our solar system. Topics include space science, telescopes, spectroscopy, atomic structure, the formation and evolution of planetary systems, and the detection and properties of exoplanets.


PSYC 1000 - Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to Psychology is the first half of a two semester introduction to psychology as a biological and social science. Topics include history, research methodology, behavioural neuroscience, sensation and perception, consciousness, learning and memory.


SCWK 1710 -  Social Work Philosophy and Practice 

Social Work Philosophy and Practice provides an overview of the historical development, philosophical orientation, basic values, principles and knowledge base, and fields of practice of the profession. The course will examine critical social problems that impact societies with an emphasis on the quest for social justice at local, national and global levels.


VART 1000 - Introduction to Two-Dimensional Art Practices

Introduction to Two-Dimensional Art Practices provides an introduction to two-dimensional art practices with selections made from drawing, painting, and printmaking. Design elements and principles, aesthetic concerns, the study of colour, and fundamental concepts of a variety of two-dimensional media, materials and processes will be explored. Ways of describing, analyzing, interpreting and assessing art will be examined. This course is open to both visual arts and non-visual arts students.