Alberta / Nunavut / Northwest Territories

General Admission Requirements

To be eligible for general admission, you will need to successfully complete senior level high school courses in the following five subject areas:

Subject AreaEligible AB/NU/NT CoursesEligible IB Courses
1. EnglishEnglish Language 30-1English (Standard or Higher Level)
2. Mathematics*One of:
  • Math 30-1
  • Math 30-2
  • Math 31
One of the following at the Standard or Higher level:
  • Mathematics
  • Math Studies
3. Laboratory Science*One of:
  • Biology 30
  • Chemistry 30
  • Physics 30
One of the following at the Standard or Higher level:
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics 
4. Social Studies or Modern/Classical Language (MCL)One 5-credit course or two 3-credit courses from:
  • Aboriginal Studies 30
  • Applied Sociology 30
  • International Politics 30
  • Micoeconomics 30
  • Social Studies 30-1
  • World Geography 30
  • World Religions 30
  • French Language Arts 30-1
  • French 30
One of the following at the Standard or Higher level:
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Global Politics
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • World Religions
  • any language acquisition course
5. ElectiveOne 5-credit course or two 3-credit courses from one of the categories above or from:
  • Art 30
  • Art 31
  • Drama 30
  • Music 30 (choral, instrumental or general)
  • Physical Education 30
  • Psychology 30
  • Science 30
Any subject area (Standard or Higher Level)

You will need an overall average of at least 70 per cent in the five Grade 12 courses that are used to fulfil the subject area requirements listed above. If more than one course satisfies a subject area, the course with the highest grade is used to determine your admission average.

*Students who are missing an eligible mathematics or laboratory science course, who apply for admission to a program that does not require completion of these courses, will be considered for general admission. In this case, an eligible course in subject groups 1 to 4 above may be used to substitute the missing course. Students who are missing eligible courses in two subject areas should contact for further information.

Applicants who have completed certain International Baccalaureate (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP) courses may be eligible for transfer credit.

Admission to some programs is competitive for a limited number of spaces. A higher admission average and/or supplementary information may be required as part of the faculty-specific admissions. For further details, refer to the supplementary application forms and documents page.


Supporting Documents Required

If you are currently in high school

When you apply (early decision)
  • An interim transcript, showing your current grades, should be submitted by the application deadline. This transcript is required for certain competitive programs, and will allow you to be considered for entrance scholarships. This transcript can be official (submitted directly from your school) or unofficial (submitted by you).
  • Confirmation of current high school course registrations (if not included on the interim transcript).
  • Supplementary application form and documents for your faculty, school or program.
When you finish grade 12 (final decision)
  • Final official transcript (submitted directly from your school).


If you have completed high school and not attended a post-secondary institution 


If you have attended a post-secondary institution


English language proficiency

If you have not attended an English medium high school in Canada for at least three years, you may be required to provide further proof of English language proficiency.


Submitting Your Documents

Official documents are required by July 31 and will only be considered official when received by mail directly from the issuing school/institution in a sealed envelope, unless the issuing school/institution has been pre-authorized for e-mail submission.

Supporting documents should be sent to:

By Mail/Post:
Office of the Registrar
Memorial University
P.O. Box 4200
St. John's NL  A1C 5S7
In Person/Courier:
Office of the Registrar
Memorial University
Room A2000
Arts and Administration Building
230 Elizabeth Ave.
St. John's NL  A1C 5S7



709 864 4431
709 864 2337
Documents: (Documents only, no replies sent. Transcripts received here are considered to be unofficial.)



Home-Schooled Students

Applicants who have completed a recognized home schooling program may be considered for admission. For further details, please contact


Mature Students

Applicants aged 21 or over who do not meet the general admission requirements outlined above may be considered for admission as a mature student. For further details, please contact



Become an Undergraduate Student

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