Any TAUMUN member who has received travel funding from at least the first three of the following sources:

  1. The student’s Academic Unit
  2. The School of Graduate Studies (SGS)
  3. The Graduate Students’ Union (GSU)

is eligible to receive additional travel funding of $100 from the Teaching Assistants’ Union of Memorial University of Newfoundland (TAUMUN) to aid in conference-related costs. While the funding is primarily intended to aid in travel to a conference at which a TAUMUN member will be presenting, the funding can also be used to defray costs associated with these other activities, as long as they are clearly related to the graduate student’s current academic program: research trips, field trips, conferences at which he or she is not presenting, workshops, societal meetings or seminar series.

Members must apply using the “Graduate Student Request for Travel Assistance Form” and be approved for travel funding from the GSU to be considered for TAUMUN travel funding. Please note that funding is available only after the conference (or other relevant academic activity) has taken place. Note, too, that to be funded for out-of-province conferences, TAUMUN members should apply to the GSU for funding a minimum of four weeks before travel begins.

The TAUMUN travel funding top-up is not guaranteed and is contingent upon both the availability of TAUMUN funds and the submission of a complete application package to the GSU.

A Master’s student is eligible for one TAUMUN travel reward during her or his graduate program.

A doctoral student is eligible for two TAUMUN travel rewards (not concurrent) during his or her graduate program.

Prior to your conference:

Fill out and submit a Graduate Student Request for Travel Assistance Form to us. These are available outside the TAUMUN office , from SGS or from your department. This form requires signatures (and details of funds committed, if applicable) from:

  • your supervisor
  • your department head and/or the dean or director of your faculty
  • the dean Graduate Studies
  • VP Finance of the Graduate Students' Union
  • Treasurer of TAUMUN.

Please note that the TAUMUN is the last to sign.

We will contact you when your application has been processed and can be picked up from TAUMUN office (or sent to an on-campus mailbox).

After your conference:

Complete and submit a TRAVEL CLAIM form.

This form requires financial and signature from all your (MUN) funding recourses. Please note that the TAUMUN is the last to sign.


Your (completed and approved) Graduate Student Request for Travel Assistance application.

Once approved by our Treasurer, your forms will be processed by our Executive board and within a few weeks you will receive your reimbursement.

Other things to note:

The TAUMUN should sign last, after all other signature have been obtained.Students are not guaranteed to receive monies from us during their programs to study--TAUMUN conference funding is intended primarily as a service to students who are unable to receive enough funding from other sources. Therefore students are expected to explore other possible avenues of funding first. It is at the discretion of the TAUMUN Treasurer to decide if/how much funding will be allocated per application, depending on the availability of TAUMUN resources ($$$) in a given year.Reasons why your request might not be approved:

You're already receiving funding from other sources that covers the cost of your conference

You've previously received the funding from us in the same program.

Your documentation is incomplete, inaccurate, or signature are missing (we will contact you and you can re-submit your application if this is the case).

If you have any questions about TAUMUN travel funding, please do not hesitate to contact the taumun@mun.ca .