The first Collective Agreement between Memorial University of Newfoundland and the Teaching Assistants' Union of Memorial University of Newfoundland came into effect on 8 June 2010 and expired 31 August 2013.

TAUMUN members voted to ratify the second Collective Agreement on 8 April 2014, and it has already come into effect. Click below to download the current collective agreement of TAUMUN.

Download TAUMUN's Collective Agreement (2017-2020)

Collective Agreement Bargaining Committee-2021

  1. Rita Uju Onah (Department of Archaeology, email: ruonah@mun.ca)
  2. Shivam Arora (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, email: sarora17@mun.ca)
  3. Keif Godbout-Kinney (Department of Sociology, email: kgodboutkinn@mun.ca)