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TAUMUN Bargaining Update #4

TAUMUN Begins Non-Monetary Negotiations

On Thursday and Friday, November 4th and 5th, TAUMUN's bargaining team met virtually with MUN's bargaining team to begin negotiating non-monetary demands. This two-day bargaining session followed an exchange of non-monetary proposals on October 28th. While TAUMUN and MUN were able to reach agreement on some small items during two days of bargaining, we remain far apart on many important issues.

The first day began with agreement on housekeeping issues and a TAUMUN proposal to extend grievance timelines in cases of discrimination and harassment. The union team also tabled counters on joint union management committee meetings and provision of printed copies of the collective agreement, to which MUN eventually agreed. To determine whether there might be ways forward on other matters, the parties discussed the rationales behind our respective proposals in more detail.

At this point, MUN has rejected most of TAUMUN's proposals to create fairer, more transparent and consistent processes within the collective agreement. They have also rejected our proposals to create an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion survey and action plan and to provide an extension of eligibility for Graduate Assistantships in light of delays and disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The union team, for its part, has rejected concessionary demands to increase MUN's right to make discretionary appointments and to delete Appendix H (Joint Committee on Compensation) and Appendix I (Joint Committee on Class Size and Undergraduate Assistants).

While your team hopes to make progress on the outstanding non-monetary issues in the next bargaining session, we expect progress to be slow based on this first session. We will provide another update after our next bargaining session.

We thank you for your support. You are our strength at the table!

In solidarity,

Your bargaining team

Shivam Arora

Keif Godbout-Kinney

Rita Onah

Alley Doyle, PSAC Representative

Silja Freitag, PSAC Researcher

John Eustace, PSAC Negotiator