Types of Appointments

Intake Consultations

This option provides students with the opportunity to meet with a registered psychologist or doctoral resident to assess their psychological functioning and develop a plan specific to the student's needs. 

Psychotherapy is an option under this pathway. 

Appointments are maximum 50 minutes in duration, with a maximum of 32 student sessions available per week. 

Solution Focused Sessions

A solution focused session incorporates positive psychology principles and practices.  These sessions provide an opportunity for students to work toward a solution to their presenting problem.  This is done in collaboration with a Wellness Navigator (registered Clinical Counsellor), Psychologist or an advanced Trainee (supervised by a licensed professional).  One session is typical; however, if deemed necessary, additional follow-up may be considered.

Case Management

This option allows a wellness navigator to assist students with a variety of needs through the coordination of appropriate internal (MUN or SWCC professional services) and external (community, professional, or electronic) services and the provision of support. 

Group therapy is an option under this pathway. 

Appointments are maximum 50 minutes in duration, with a maximum of 40 student sessions available per week. 


This option allows students to meet with a clinician and collaborate and communicate with them within a safe and supportive environment. 

It is intended to help the client address ways of thinking, feeling, or behaving that are problematic in their lives; process concerns related to relationships with others or difficult life experiences; improve skills; find relief from emotional or psychological distress. 

Group Therapy

There are 2 types of group therapy (process & psychoeducational) 

Process groups are closed so that difficult, often deeply personal issues can be disclosed, whereas psychoeducational groups can be either in the form of an open, drop-in, or closed group. 

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