Academic Support Programs

Study Skills Clinics & Groups

The Student Wellness and Counselling Centre offers services to help registered students who are encountering difficulties with academic coursework at Memorial. The services vary from interactive drop-in clinics, to our three-credit hour course in learning skills.

  • Study skills clinics and groups are available to help you make your academic work at Memorial more effective and rewarding. Academic skills groups vary each semester in their availability. Possible group offerings may include such topics as improving your reading rate and comprehension, effective study skills, motivational strategies for learning, test anxiety, time management, oral presentations and organizing knowledge for writing term papers and essays. Academic clinics and groups provide opportunities for students to explore issues in learning with a trained psychologist or counsellor. These sessions are free of charge to registered Memorial students.

To inquire on availability, please visit the SWCC at UC5000 or call (709) 864-8500. 

Study Skills Links

How to Study Long and Hard and Still Fail...or How To Get the Most out of Studying (Samford University, Birmington, AL.) In this YouTube series, Dr. Stephen Chew explains powerful learning principles with very good examples and visual demonstrations. Each video is approximately 8 minutes long.

Study Skills Self-help Information (Virginia Tech) (Top picks) Good comprehension site. Covers time management, procrastination, study skills, and note taking along with much other help. Also includes a number of short personalized stories involving study strategies and much other help.

Methods of Study The SQ3R, SQ4R, and PQ4R methods. Decide for yourself which one you prefer.

Study skills (Sam Houston State University) Motivation is the key to doing well. Tips on common study problems students have and suggestions to help avoid them. Learn to improve your memory. General study tips.

Study Skills (University of Queensland) Provides useful information on Effective Study, Presentation Skills, and Time Management. Site also includes test-taking strategies and problem-solving skills.

Student-to-Student Study Tips Study tips from the University of Illinois at Chicago's Academic Center for Excellence. The tips include reading strategies, lecture notes, where to study, studying for exams, time management and motivation, writing papers, math and science strategies, and stress control.

Study Skill Guides (St. John's University) 23 time management techniques involving where and when you should study. How to minimize distractions and use a time management checklist. The SQ3R method. Ways to become a more effective listener. Why take notes in class and tips on taking them. General suggestions for classroom behaviour, note taking, and listening. Tips on skimming, highlighting, and underlining. Rehearse to learn. How to get more out of your studying and test taking tips and techniques.

Study Strategies Homepage (University of Minnesota-Duluth) Assess your study skills. Develop and practice using skills and strategies. Memory and motivation ideas to get you started studying. How to not forget the material that you study to increase time efficiency.

Learning Skills Program (University of Victoria) Has a variety of self-help information. Each topic has links to a number of specific handouts.