Faculty & Staff

Students come to Memorial University of Newfoundland ready to learn but not always prepared for the mental and physical demands of university. Many experience stress on a daily basis, while working to maintain a balance among academic, social, family, financial, and work demands. Sustaining a healthy lifestyle through a period of change and challenge can be tough. 

As faculty and staff members, you are often the first to notice when students are in trouble. Your willingness to help may make a difference in their ability to thrive and succeed academically. Faculty and staff are welcome to refer students who may be experiencing difficulty.  

Resources: Helping your students 

When to Refer 

A referral to the SWCC may be indicated: if you're unsure about what you can do for the student and they are in distress. If you recognize that your support is no longer adequate or if you find that the responsibility you have assumed is weighing too heavily on you.

What to Do
  • Listen.
  • Take the student seriously.
  • Show concern.
  • Set clear limits.
  • Consult with others.
  • Refer the student.
What Not to Do
  • Don't take on too much responsibility.
  • Don't deal with a crisis alone.
What to Say
  • Make a general statement such as: "You seem to be pretty upset about this and I think you could use some help in sorting out these issues. I'm concerned about you and I would like you to consider talking to one of our counsellors at the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre." 
How to Refer