Cross-Campus Step Challenge

Cross Campus Step Challenge poster

Are you ready to step it up?

Employee Wellness, Department of Human Resources and the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre (SWCC) are challenging faculty, staff and current students of Memorial to participate in the Memorial University's Cross-Campus Step Challenge from Monday, May 16 to Friday, July 8. To participate, people are encouraged to form teams of up to six people (individuals can join; however, this is a lot of steps for one person!).

The Cross-Campus Step Challenge requires teams or individuals to complete 2,233,333 steps, which is equivalent to the step distance between the Signal Hill, St. John's, Marine Institute, Grenfell and Labrador campuses combined. For a team of six people, this works out to 6,983 steps per person per day.

Participants interested in posting pictures on social media can use #MUNstepchallenge.


  • Challenge must be completed between May 16 and July 8.
  • Maximum of six participants per team for a team challenge.
  • Participants can complete the challenge as individuals.
  • Create a fun team name (or a fun individual name) and identify team members. Email to
  • If competing as a team, appoint a team captain:
    • Team captain will keep track of team’s steps and submit weekly (every Friday) via email to, subject line: Step Challenge.
  • If competing individually:
    • Steps must be submitted weekly (every Friday) via email to, subject line: Step Challenge.
  • The team who accumulates the most steps during the time period will win a prize from the MUN Bookstores.


What is the virtual route?

  • The Signal Hill Campus to the St. John’s, Marine Institute, Grenfell and Labrador campuses.

How many steps in total must be completed?

  • 2,233,333 steps! This works out to an average of 41,358 steps per day, per team.

    • For a team of six members, this is 6,893 steps per team member, per day.
    • For a team of five members, this is 8,272 steps per team member, per day.
    • For a team of four members, this is 10,340 steps per team member, per day.
    • For a team of three members, this is 13,786 steps per team member, per day.
    • For a team of two members, this is 20,679 steps per team member, per day.
    • For a team of one person, this is 41,358 steps per day.

When does the challenge begin and end?

  • May 16 –July 8

Who can be on my team?

  • Any faculty, staff or current registered student.

Can we do the challenge more than once?

  • Yes. If a team completes the challenge they are welcome to try to complete it a second time if they so wish.

Can I be on multiple teams?

  • No.

Can a team join the challenge after May 16?

  • You can enter anytime as long as the steps are completed and submitted by July 8.

How do we keep track of our steps?

  • If you have an iPhone, you can use the ‘Health’ app or download an app such as ‘Pedometer’.
  • If you have an Android phone, you can use the ‘Google Fit’ app or download an app such as ‘MyFitnessPal’.
  • Smart watches/fitness trackers.
  • Pedometers.
  • You can keep track of your kilometres and convert km to steps.
  • Team or individual steps must be submitted every Friday via email to, subject line: Step Challenge.

I have a mobility issue and use a wheelchair. Can I still participate?

  • Individuals who use a wheelchair can count the number of kilometres they do each day and convert the km to steps.

Can I use any indoor cardio equipment to get my steps?

  • Yes.

What if the weather is not cooperating for me to go outside and I do not have any indoor equipment?

  • Participants of the challenge in the St. John’s area can use the track at The Works for free during the challenge period.
  • Participants can walk inside their office, home, etc.
  • The MUNnels at the St. John campus are great to walk!