Mental Health and Wellbeing: Supporting Memorial University Students to Thrive

As an instructor, you are well positioned to support student thriving. Click here for some strategies you can use to support the mental health and well-being of your students.

If following conversations with students you are still concerned about the student or you need more help in assisting them, the examples below will help you determine how to proceed.

  1. When you observe a general decline in the students’ well-being and would like guidance on some approaches to try or some solutions to offer:
  • E-mail Student Support and Crisis Management ( to arrange a telephone consultation.

    A staff member will be assigned to the inquiry and will typically respond within two business days.

2. When the student is showing increased signs of stress, ask the following questions:

  • Is the student reporting a significant change in personal circumstances?

  • Are you noticing a significant change in academic progress or engagement?

  • Has the student expressed serious financial concerns with immediate implications?

  • Are you concerned about harm to self or others?

    Call Student Support and Crisis Management 709-864-7594 OR

    File an E-Alert on your MUN safe app

    Our in-take staff will collect initial information and assign a case officer who will typically reach out to the student within one business day.

3. When you need urgent support for a student

  • Call CEP 864-4100

    An immediate response will be activated.


• Are you concerned about the immediate safety of a student?
• Are you witnessing behavior that is violent, destructive, harmful, aggressive or threatening to self or others?

Contact CEP

The Campus Enforcement and Patrol Office (CEP) is here 24 hours a day/365 days each year to help provide a safe and secure working environment. All incidents and/or accidents on campus involving actual or potential danger to life or property should be communicated immediately to CEP at 864-4100.


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