Experiential Learning


We all know the student who studies, and that's about it, and they think that is all university is meant to be. It isn't. This is the best time to explore as many things as you can, to figure out what you are truly interested in, what you are curious about, what makes you happy, and what you excel at doing. This is called Experiential Learning, learning by doing, then reflecting on what you’ve done, figuring out how to do things better, and then taking part in other activities.  

It can be really tough to know how to get connected to things you are interested in or curious about, or things you think you should be doing. You need to get out, find your fit, make friends, be active and well socially and physically, and find out what makes you YOU.  

Student Life has created some supports to help you get engaged, gain experiences, and explore your interests. Then, you can record your experiences in your Memorial Online Record of Experience