Experience Fellowships

Enhance your skills, gain valuable experience and contribute to Memorial’s communities as a prestigious Experience Fellow, Memorial's signature leadership development experience.

Experience Fellows build on their academic pursuits at Memorial with exclusive skill development and experiential learning opportunities. As an Experience Fellow, you’ll complete a set of opportunities, find and engage a mentor to guide your development, and connect your learning to strengths through reflection and dialogue.

Along the way, you’ll learn skills like problem-solving, collaboration, communication, networking and design thinking. You’ll make new friends and build an extensive network of like-minded students. Finally, you’ll put these skills and connections into practice with real experiences, such as by organizing events and programs with Student Life or even building your own project.

Sign up by clicking the button below. You'll be taken to a page on the Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning website and asked to sign in to Brightspace. Once you've signed in, the Experience Fellowship will be added to your list of Brightspace courses on online.mun.ca. Then, visit the Experience Fellowship on Brightspace to explore it—and to start completing its requirements!


Principles for Students
Begin anywhere.

The moment you get involved is the moment you begin your Experience Fellowship—just don't forget to sign up!

Count what you've already done.

Don't backtrack! Complete Fellowship requirements by reflecting on experiences you've already completed in your Memorial journey.

Level-up your experience.

The Fellowship provides guidelines and structure to help you make the most of your Memorial University experience.

Self-paced, self-directed.

Make your own path on your own time. The Fellowship can be completed in one term, or over the course of years. Complete the requirements in any order.

Principles for Faculty/Staff
Encourage participation across campus.

Multiply the impact of the great programming already carried out in Memorial's faculties, schools, and services. The Fellowship facilitates participation in these offerings while allowing students to learn even more from engaging.

Invest in student skill-building.

Through structured but self-directed experiential learning and facilitated reflection, help students develop better skills and insights with which to contribute to University programs and services.

Connect student leaders with University communities.

Students completing the Fellowship are tasked with finding groups and opportunities that are different from what they're used to. By encouraging these diverse connections, the Fellowship connects emerging student leaders to different University communities.

Give students permission to lead.

As a form of hands-off guidance, students completing the Fellowship get the chance to practice leadership at their own pace. In turn, students are given increasing access to leadership opportunities and take them on when they feel ready.

Provide concrete instructions beyond "Get involved!"

We know how important getting involved is. Students who get involved tend to perform better academically, too. Over 40% of graduating students wish they'd gotten more involved in the University. The Fellowship provides a clear first step for faculty and staff to share with students when we encourage them to get involved.