Virtual Job Fair

The 2021 Virtual Job Fair is scheduled for May 2021.

Students and alumni do not need to register for this event.

When the Fair is live, steps to access the fair can be found at the bottom of this page.

Connecting talent with opportunity. The Virtual Job Fair provides all students, new graduates and alumni with the opportunity to connect with employers on a virtual platform. Students can sign in to their account and view the Virtual Job Fair opportunities for 2 weeks. Learn about different organizations, and view and apply on opportunities across Canada.

Job postings are scheduled to go live by 9 a.m. on May 11 and will be available for viewing until the end of the Virtual Job Fair.

Preparation is key in any job fair; therefore, there will be a resources component added to the Fair that will help you prepare your resume and cover letter to ensure you’re as prepared as possible.

Whether you are...

  • a student looking for summer employment
  • an upcoming or recent graduate looking for full-time employment
  • alumni looking for a career change/advancement don’t want to miss this event!

Steps to access the Fair:

  • Sign into
  • Click on the Students tab
  • Launch MyMUNLife (under Student Services)
  • Click on Virtual Job Fair in the left-hand menu

If you have issues accessing the Fair, please contact