Participate in an Externship

What are externships?

Externships are short-term job shadowing opportunities that allow students to enter an organization for one week and network, gain career exploration and exposure.

What is expected of an extern host?
  • To provide an opportunity for participating students to receive a practical experience of the day-to-day activities of the host employer’s organization through the externship opportunity (as provided in the host employer’s job description).
  • To ensure that the student has a safe, supervised and suitable working environment for the duration of their externship.
  • To ensure the student has an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills gained through the course of their program of study in the workplace to enable them to bring back that hands-on experience to the classroom with an improved perspective on connecting their studies to the workplace, along with real-world experience.
  • To provide a benchmark for the student to reflect on their level of workplace preparedness and employability skills.

Steps to setting up an externship with your organization:
  • We ask that the extern host provide us with a job description of what the student would be involved in during their externship. In the job description, we will include that students require a Code of Conduct and a vulnerable sector check if requested by the extern host.
  • Extern hosts sign off on the Terms and Conditions of the program.
  • We will then post these positions on our website for a period of time and allow students from different faculties to apply for these opportunities.
  • Once the competition closes, we will then narrow the competition down and match a student with an employer based on their application and letter of intent.
  • The student would then be placed within the organization for one week.

When is the next Externship happening?


Questions? Contact Danielle Jackson to learn more or get involved.