Discover Talent

What is Discover Talent?

Career Development and the Blundon Centre have collaborated to develop Discover Talent. Discover Talent is an inclusive job shadowing program targeted towards students who are nearing the completion of their degree and who self-identify as having a disability. The program will allow students to explore career options, develop positive work attitudes and behaviours, and build their professional network.

Students will job shadow for 10-20 hours throughout a semester with an employer that directly aligns with their interests, educational background, and career goals.

What is expected of a Discover Talent Employer?
  • Maintain an environment that values inclusion, equity and diversity in the workplace
  • Ensure students are provided with a safe, suitable and supervised workspace
  • Provide 10-20 hours of career-related learning through job shadowing and mentorship
  • Encourage students to continuously apply their knowledge, skills and strengths
  • Provide multiple opportunities for students to recognize their transferable/employability skills
  • Challenge another employer to participate with the Discover Talent program for the following year in efforts to grow the program and to increase the level of disability confidence within the community
Get Involved!

Are you interested in building your disability confidence and playing a key role in creating an accessible and inclusive workforce? If you are interested in becoming an employer of the Discover Talent program or would like to learn more,  please contact