Student Life Mission

Student Life fosters an inclusive and holistic learning environment that maximizes the potential of each student through innovative learning experiences and initiatives that empower all students to thrive.


Our vision is for every student to connect, engage and belong at Memorial.


Values are the foundational principles upon which we seek to accomplish our mission and realize our vision. As a community of professional and student staff, we acknowledge the following shared values:

  • Students – as individual, unique members of our community;
  • Diversity in ways of knowing, ways of being and ways of doing;
  • Inclusive and equitable environments where all feel valued and respected;
  • Innovation in engaged learning;
  • Collaboration with campus and community partners;
  • Research and best practice in student affairs.


Guided by our mission, the university’s strategic frameworks and contemporary research and practice in our profession, Student Life will shape student learning by focusing our programs and initiatives around the five elements of personal and intellectual well-being that empower students to thrive.

Throughout our work we seek to cultivate:

  • Engaged Learning – students who are energized and invested in their learning;
  • Academic Determination – students who are confident in their ability to apply their strengths towards personal and academic goals;
  • Positive Perspective – students who are hopeful about their future and confident in their capacity to learn from challenges;
  • Social Connectedness – students who have friendships and relationships that foster community and sense of belonging;
  • Diverse Citizenship – students who are motivated to be instruments of positive change in their communities and are open to differences in others.

Strategic Priorities

The following prioritized strategic initiatives will enable Student Life to achieve the goals outlined in its strategic action plan. Over the next three years, we commit to:

1) Develop and implement a multi-year student experience architecture: This student-centred, learning-focused, architecture will serve as a blueprint for the learning experiences offered by Student Life. It will specify how each learning experience maps to specified learning outcomes, include rubrics to detail and measure the depth of the learning obtained, and chart pathways for students to engage with these experiences throughout their program of study.

2) Create and catalogue a series of educational workshops for integration into the academic curriculum: These workshops will cover a variety of topics that reflect the expertise of Student Life staff and focus on content that maximizes the potential of each student. They will be offered to students in collaboration with partners across campus.

3) Focus on an appreciative and strengths-based approach to learning experiences and interactions with students: This positive perspective will be integrated into all learning experiences and initiatives to empower students to recognize, foster and apply their strengths to new academic, personal and professional pursuits.

4) Cultivate a sense of university pride and spirit: Through enhanced partnerships across campus, we will elevate the distinctive aspects of a Memorial student experience by creating shared experiences that inspire students to connect and thrive.

5) Integrate principles of equity and social justice throughout Student Life learning experiences and initiatives: Beginning with a critical review of all programs and initiatives offered by Student Life, we will thoughtfully revise both our content and pedagogies to enhance student learning in relation to ways of knowing, ways of being and ways of doing.



Student Life

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