Criminology Major

*An Important Message to All Students Planning to Apply to the RNC Cadet Program. RNC qualification requirements for cadet training have changed. Please see RNC website.

Since Fall 2008, Memorial University has offered a multi-disciplinary major in Criminology. The Major in Criminology is an interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Sciences program that aims to promote the academic study of different facets of police institutions and practices, including the legal, political and social contexts in which they operate. This program would be beneficial for students with a scholarly interest in policing, corrections or law enforcement, including those who have completed the Diploma in Police Studies, experienced police officers, and others working in a policing environment.

Please note: The Major in Criminology is intended to promote critical thinking about social issues in a policing environment. It does not constitute a professional qualification in policing.

This Multi-disciplinary Major program is offered to candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts. It is offered in conjunction with a minor in a single discipline. In order to be awarded a BA with a Major in Criminology, candidates must complete all the requirements of the BA.

The Criminology Major program is administered through the Department of Sociology.


Students are invited to contact the Undergraduate Liaison. Please see for current contact information.

Upcoming Courses in the Program

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