George Sheppard

PhD Student

Research Interests

Prisoner community re-entry: Obstacles and barriers, as they pertain to securing work and housing.

Contact Information 

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Areas of Expertise

Criminology, criminal justice reform, deviance, social inequality.                     

Co-Supervisors: Dr. Scott Kenney and Dr. Sulaimon Giwa

Personal Profile

George Sheppard is currently a PhD student in Sociology.  His areas of focus are criminology, prisoner re-entry, rehabilitation, and factors impacting successful reintegration.  After a career in the public school system, George completed his MA in Sociology at MUNL in August 2021. His MA research focussed on understanding suicide behaviours among correctional workers in Manitoba. He also holds a Masters degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Aberdeen, and a BA (Political Science and History) and a B.Ed degree from MUNL.


Canadian Sociology Association

Research Highlights 

Book Review of “Male, Failed, Jailed: Masculinities and Revolving Door Imprisonment in UK” by David Maguire.  Co-authored by L. George Sheppard and Rosemary Ricciardelli; published in Punishment and Society, 2021.  

 “The Holocaust and Education” published in “The Holocaust’s Ghost, F.C. Decoste and B. Schwartz, eds. University of Alberta Press, 2000, 552-555.