Liam Swiss

Department Head

Research Interests
Political Sociology, International Development, Gender, Security, World Society, Research Methods
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Ph: 709-864-4467
Office: A-4053
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Personal Profile

Liam Swiss researches the political sociology of foreign aid and international development from a comparative perspective using both quantitative and qualitative techniques.

His current SSHRC Insight Grant, "Developing Conformity: Foreign Aid and the Diffusion of Global Norms", examines how the flow of foreign aid and other forms of development finance from North to South contributes to the spread of common policies, institutions, and norms within developing societies.  He is also co-invesitgator on another SSHRC-funded project on "Canadian Development Cooperation and the new Politics of "Partnership" with several other aid researchers across Canada. 

He is also pursuing and collaborating on other research projects on (1) violence against aid workers, (2) women’s political representation in the developing world, and (3) urban/rural differences in gender ideologies.

He teaches courses in development sociology, political sociology, gender, and research methods.


2019-2020  President, Canadian Association for the Study of International Development

2016-2017  Senior Research Fellow, Käte Hamburger Kolleg, Centre for Global Cooperation Research, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

2012-2013  President, Canadian Association for the Study of International Development


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